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Bullish is an Accelerator Agency designed for businesses living early in an S-curve. Born out of Consigliere Brand Capital, we are one part Strategic Creative Agency, one part Consumer Investment Firm that deploys capabilities from both worlds to help brands speed the transformation of opportunities into outcomes.

Who we engage with


Representing a new approach on where consumers seek health expertise, ALOHA brings a new style and voice to the world of wellness.

Investment Led

Ann Inc.

Conducting one of North America’s largest insight study on how women shop and (confidential next step).

Service Led

Balance Bar

The pioneer nutritional snack bar from the 1990s that was malnourished is now making a comeback.

Service Led

The Best Bar Ever

A food product geared for key snack time moments, this product could be…well, you know. We are acting CMO, so stay tuned.

Service Led

Chloe + Isabel

Chloe + Isabel produces incredible jewelry and helps women become entrepreneurs.

Investment Led


A journalist-lead company helping brands launch and manage their content programs. A B2B play, we invested to help bolster our Agency-side offering.

Investment Led

Cupid's Cup

Help one of today’s most talked-about founders rethink entrepreneurship.

Service Led

Darby Smart

We met the founder on her last day at Goldman Sachs and immediately aligned on her expertise in how to create a digital, do-it-yourself (with help!) craft business.

Investment Led


Powering over 15 million people to kick ass on the Internet.

Service Led

Kiwi Crate

Created by an ex-P&G brand manager, Kiwi Crate was founded on the vision of inspiring kids’ creativity and equip them with tools for creative problem solving.

Investment Led


Commercializing a 12th-century Japanese ingredient to become America’s next big drink.

Investment Led


From the executive who launched the Nook tablet at Barnes & Noble (remember them?), Peloton seeks to create the best, most innovative fitness experience there is.

Investment Led


Two early executives at Diapers.com were frustrated by the kids clothes environment, so they created Primary, to celebrate the creativity in basics.

Investment Led

Stella Service

This company has over 300 proprietary data points proving that retailers with better service have stronger relationships with their customers…and make more money.

Investment Led

Warby Parker

A vertically integrated eyeglass company that seeks to make the world see better, one pair at a time.

Investment Led


Global CPG company launching major health initiative. (Spring 2017)

Service Led


A modern, second-hand luxury retailer.

Investment Led


Create a new consumer brand from scratch for a $2 billion B2B company.

Service Led

Investment Led



How do you take share from a brand with a $20 billion dollar head start?

We fell in love with Harry’s within 10 minutes. We knew a lot about the blades and razor category—seen many challengers—but nothing like what Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield were putting together. We invested in the company and they moved into our space not long after. During that time, we held work-sessions with Jeff and Andy where we laid down the DNA of the brand. We dove into their customer, their proposition, even their personal aspirations to help them crystalize what it was they were (and were not) building. The work we did together during that time helped shape a multitude of decisions that would come.

We provide Harry's consultation on everything from marketing plans, to creative briefs, to talent, to agencies, and much more.


Investment Led



How do you help a surprise-and-delight company scale their proposition?

We announced our investment in Birchbox the day we opened our doors. The idea behind Birchbox was brilliant and the co-founders were that and more. They had an airtight business plan and they were laser-focused on the unmet need for the consumer in the marketplace. Over the years, we have had numerous discussions with them about how to employ that founding focus to make decisions about what to do next. The essence of Birchbox has always been the guiding light. And we helped them utilize it in everything from the creation of marketing materials, to identifying talent, to helping them make nothing short of destiny-defining decisions.

Today, Birchbox is thriving inside of new channels with new consumers. And, they are doing it all without diluting their brand.


Service Led



How do you expand a multi-billion brand without alienating the base?

GNC has been in our blood for years. We have been providing marketing consultation to GNC—off and on—for the better part of five years. Today, we are their creative agency lead and we are helping them define and develop their brand/advertising at the highest level. Everything is focused on defining the next chapter of their story. We developed perception-shifting television work around GNC's industry-leading quality story. And in early 2016, we launched the fully integrated “Just Ask” campaign that shows a side of GNC that is changing the way people see—and consider—the brand. We're working to help GNC transform their business by tapping into human values that all their customers share.

Built to Fly

We are a group of multi-talented Agency and Investing ex-pats in roles we call Directors, Planners, Conceptors, Makers, and Engagers. We are just as passionate as we are far from precious; collaboration comes naturally to us. 

We are big believers in the studio model as a way to work, so we regularly add to our team with extraordinary, free-range people and partners like The Bindery and Work & Co. We custom fit our teams to the desired outcomes.

Mike Duda Pic

Michael Duda

Mike is one of two Managing Partners responsible for the overall health of Bullish. A relentless business leader, he has a well-rounded and diverse career that includes experience in brand management, business/corporate development, interactive and B2C investing.

Over the course of his 20+ years in business, Mike has worked on a wide-range of brands including Birchbox, Casper, Citibank, DirecTV, Google, TripAdvisor, Under Armour and vineyard vines. He has spoken at numerous industry events, named one of Crain New York’s “Top 40 Under 40,” Business Insider’s “Top Investors” and ADWEEK’s “Best Advertising Voices on Twitter.”

Prior to founding Bullish and its predecessor firm (Consigliere Brand Capital) in 2010, Mike spent 13 years at Deutsch Inc., where he became the youngest Partner in the company’s 35-year history overseeing business development, marketing and corporate strategy. He has held other industry roles including CEO of WPP-backed Johannes Leonardo.

Brent Vartan Pic

Brent Vartan

Brent is one of two Managing Partners responsible for the core Bullish product. A renowned strategic planner known for developing insights that shape business, Brent has built and led high-performance teams that have come together to create work that accelerated breakthrough growth. 

Over the course of his 17-year career, Brent has worked with a variety of brands, including: Casper, Cisco Systems, FedEx, Frito-Lay, Harry’s, Jägermeister, Kodak, Lowe’s, Microsoft, Novartis, Oral-B, Sherwin Williams, Starwood, Veritas and more. He has been named one of ADWEEK’s“40 Influentials Under 40,” awarded the coveted APG Award, the highest honor in strategic planning excellence and led teams that have won multiple EFFIEs and Cannes Lions. 

A Northern California native, Brent attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he majored in Literary Theory and played football (Go Bears!). He began his career as a Media Planner at Goldberg Moser O’Neil before shifting into Strategic Planning roles at Hill Holiday and BBDO. In 2007, Brent joined Deutsch Inc. where he rose the ranks to become the Agency’s Chief Strategy Officer and youngest Partner in the Agency’s 40-year history.

Who we can help

  • You're a pre-launch business

    That needs capital and craves brand-led development.

  • You're an early-stage brand

    Looking to bring on marketing expertise to catalyze growth.

  • You're a brand leader

    That needs strategic and creative services that’s different from the usual ad agency.

  • You're a private equity firm

    Looking to turn around or grow a company towards a liquid event in a few years.

  • You're an investment firm

    Seeking diligence work on a prospective consumer brand

  • You're an investor

    And there is interest in participating in our fund. (Accredited investors and firms only.)

What we do

  • Strategy

    Strategy is the cornerstone of everything we do. We offer a complete suite of services from Primary Research to Brand Strategy to Communications Planning. We use it to help brands decide between what they can do, and what they should do. All of it comes together with our BaOS (Brand as Operating System™) to create the conditions where creativity can drive commerce.

  • Innovation

    We take a demand-side approach to innovation. From innovation workshops, to prototyping, to testing, and more, our innovation process takes an outside / inside avenue. We use the context that surrounds a business / brand / product / idea to figure out how we make something that’s truly remarkable.

  • Creative

    We deliver Big Ideas. We are equally comfortable developing video content as we are engineering retail activations (and everything analog and digital in between). And, we make sure all of it taps into human values that resonate on a cultural level. It needs to be worth talking about. Or, it’s just waste.

  • Investing

    We offer early-stage diligence services and packages that are designed to compliment others. And, when appropriate, we can deploy capital into growth-stage ideas and businesses from our free-standing investment fund. We – literally – invest in the outcome.



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We are looking for talent and partners to help create one of the most impactful marketing-led entities in the world. Yep. Is that you? Give us the reason why and include your LinkedIn profile and/or portfolio to: hey@bullish.co

Vested Marketing Services

If you are a CEO, CMO, or Marketer and interested in understanding how we could help provide vested marketing services, we’re happy to engage in a confidential discussion at: k.smith@bullish.co

Business Approach

If you are an investment company or a brand seeking financial capital, please send an overview and ideally that 10-page business plan/approach to: c.diem@bullish.co

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