As an early-stage venture firm and branding agency, we are hoping to extend our unique collection of Designers, Writers, Marketers, Strategists, and Communicators to help those already working towards de-escalation and empathetic safety and police practices. Throughout many internal discussions around the growing distrust between the public and the police, we have focused on the area of de-escalation and how that can become something that is delivered with pride and purpose.

We understand we are not the experts in police de-escalation and harm reduction; however, we are citizens who want to build a better future for everyone. We come at this from a place of passion yet naivety, and we are eager to connect with those who know more than us to engage in an open dialogue around police reform and see where we can lend a hand.

Given the topic of de-escalation and the police comes with very passionate viewpoints, we created this video to set our tone and better share our intention.

This is an invitation to talk more about how our team might be able to help you, your organization or another group you work with to achieve a goal of de-escalation and police reform. 

Email us at with any questions or to set up a time to talk some more. Any feedback or perspective is welcome.